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About The Old Museum Board Game

Secrecy, deduction, planning, rivalry, risk and chance - The Old Museum is a board game for all the family.

Tonight is the last chance to explore inside The Old Museum's crumbling walls before it is finally demolished by a ruthless property tycoon.

Under the pressure of time, and despite clashes with rival fortune-hunters, will you be the one to finally retrieve the illusive artifacts that are mysteriously unaccounted for, rumoured still to be lost in The Old Museum’s deserted and hazardous chambers.

The Objective & Winning the Game

Each player must enter The Old Museum to hunt down and collect their desired artifacts. These artifacts may be laying hidden in any of the crumbling rooms or already being carried by a rival player who discovered them first. Once a player has found or commandeered the artifacts on their list, they make their way back to the Entrance Hall to exit the museum. The first player to do so wins the game.

Crumbling passageways, traps, locked rooms, secret tunnels and archaeological artifacts – an exciting challenge for all the family
Average playing time 45 minutes. The rules include a Time Limited Game option for controlled duration of play
Unique museum layout each time the game is played
Optional In The Dark rules for “blind” and more challenging game-play