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Terms & Conditions

Missing or Faulty Parts

If there is a fault with any parts of the game, or any parts are missing from, inside the box upon first opening, please contact me immediately via telephone or email and I will be happy to supply you with replacements for the parts concerned.

If you have purchased one of the Limited Edition, some of the parts are likely to appear "faulty" due to being handmade. I cannot replace such parts of these games.

Returns Policy

You may return the game unopened and in perfect condition within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund less postage. If the game has been opened, you may return it within 30 days of purchase, but the refund amount will be to my discretion and will reflect the condition of the returned game.

In both cases, please telephone or email me immediately.

Copyright & Disclaimer

The Old Museum © 2011 The Box Room. All rights reserved. All information, descriptions and imagery pertaining to objects, artifacts, utilities, dates and locations used in this game, are purely fictional and are in no way meant for educational, historic or actual reference to any object, time, location, person(s) or organisation.