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The Old Museum Board Game

Tonight is the last chance to explore inside The Old Museum's crumbling walls before it is finally demolished. Will you be the one to finally retrieve the illusive artefacts that are mysteriously unaccounted for, rumoured to still be lost in The Old Museum's deserted and hazardous chambers?

The Story Behind The Board Game

On the corner of Grand Springs and Colonial Street stands The Old Museum which has been closed for almost 10 years since being bought by a renowned ruthless New York tycoon, a big player in property development.

Along with recent news of the crumbling building’s imminent demolition come rumours that there are a number of priceless archaeological artifacts, mysteriously unaccounted for, believed still to be lost in it’s deserted and hazardous chambers.

Whether it’s the thrill of retrieving the illusive artifacts, the value placed on the items themselves, or the bounty offered you by an anonymous collector, you are risking your life against the dangers of the long-concealed rooms, rival fortune-hunters and the ticking clock of a greedy billionaire property developer to recover them!